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I felt different from an very early age. I was put into care when i was three and was bought up in a house with six girls. I don't know if this played  a part in the way i felt but i was very confused for quite a few years.
I was twelve when i put on my first skirt. Having six girls of roughly my age group in the house made it fairly easy to find things that fitted me. I was amazed as to the sudden feel of exilaration when i felt the soft material on my legs. I knew straight away that this was something i wanted to do and do as often as possible.
I was thirteen when the worst day of my life happened. I had borrowed a few of my sisters things and stashed them behind the board games in my room when my foster mum decided to spring clean. She inevitably found the clothes and demanded to know why they were there.
I had to tell her what i had been doing and when i did she went ballistic. She made me sit there while she called my foster dad and the other girls. Then she made me tell them what i'd been doing. I really thought that of all people the person who had bought me up all that time would understand but i was wrong.
I was then made to go and see a councillor who told me how it was wrong to be doing what i was doing and that it was a phase i would soon grow out of. I decided then that i would never be able to trust anyone enough to tell them what i was.
As the years passed nothing more was said about it. I don't know if it was forgotten or that they just thought it was a phase and i had grown out of it.

I kept my tv life a closely guarded secret after that experience as i didn't want to have people react in the same way again.
When i was eighteen i left care and was able to read my file about why i was put into care which upto this point i didn't really know.
I found out that it was due to my parents not being able to cope and not due to the things my foster parents had led me to believe. It took me a while to get in contact properly with them but over the years i got to know them quite well.
I was engaged to a lovely girl for about four years from the age of 19 to 23ish. In this time i got a fair few tattoos done. I was trying to deny that i was someone who preferred to be dressed as a female but i could not stop the way i had felt for so long. I split up with my fiancee after four years and don't really know why. I suspect that she knew that i was dressing and again couldn't handle it.
So i became even more secretive about dressing, making sure not to let anyone even suspect what i was doing.
Nothing much happened between then and september of this year, when i moved in with my natural parents to make it easier to find a new job as i had been off with illness for quite a while. I thought it would be impossible to dress at all here as i didn't want to risk anything while i was living here.
But as luck would have it i was chatting to my mum and she mentioned that someone she knew was a crossdresser and i that her ideal lodger would be a gay drag queen. So i decided to tell her. She thought it was brilliant and then went off and told my dad while i was at work who was also fine about it.
This gave me enough confidence to organize my first night out dressed. So on the 5th October (My birthday) I went to the Wayout Club in London which was absolutely brilliant. I should enclose some photos shortly and tell more about it. This brings me fairly upto date.
Well, i hope you have not found this to longwinded and that it has helped you get an insight into my little world.
Thank you for listening. Please feel free to look at my photos and to email me if there's anything more you want to know or if you would like to chat or meet. I will reply to every email recieved.